Starts a gun chase against his family after losing at Monopoly

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We are all aware that there are board games that bring out the worst in us, so we apologize in advance before embarking on that path, because we know that the Hulk falls short of our anger. However, there are always those who take his competitiveness to the extreme and if you did not immediately think of someone in your close circle, it is because you are the intense one. But don’t be ashamed, because it could be much worse, believe us.

Such is the case of the horrible moment that John Armstrong put his family through during a night of games, because a moment that is supposed to be bonding ended in a death experience. The board game charged with stirring up Armstrong’s animal instincts was the famous Monopolyknown for generating more contention than the apple from the Garden of Eden.

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The simpsons fighting during Monopoly game

The family, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, decided to spend a beautiful evening enjoying their pleasant company while drinking alcoholic beverages. Little did John’s stepfather and stepsister realize, however, that behind the buying and selling of property a quite different subtext was engendered than the one they had in mind.

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According to official reports, the two men of the house began to show their differences with the support of the game, since it tends to be common for an intermediary to be used as an excuse at this time to reveal what is deep within us. In this way, Armstrong could not contain his fury any longer and charged against the board, getting up and throwing everything overboard.

John Armstrong arrested for shooting his family after a Monopoly game

Immediately afterwards, the third companion invited them to take the fight outside, since she did not want the dispute to cause more havoc inside the home. It was so, without knowing it, this would be the final trigger that she needed the night to reach the limit of madness. Once outside, she launched a gun chase, which fortunately left no one injured.

Still, Armstrong would later admit to police that he “fired a shot into the ground,” for which he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Also, when the whole scene taken from reserve dogs was analyzed by the expert eye of the law, it was declared, according to the New York Postthat the bond would have a cost of 25 thousand dollars.

Jail box in Monopoly

In any case, it is not certain that the fight started due to personal problems between the two subjects, or that the high income from the game was to blame for making the detainee lose his mind. We only have to wait for the hearing, which has been scheduled for December 2, to find out if the letter to get out of jail for free that could not be used during the game applies.

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