State departments say they will not follow prescription recommendations for childhood vaccination

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After a meeting this morning, the National Council of State Health Secretaries (Conass) stated that it will not be necessary to present a medical prescription for childhood vaccination.

The body met this Friday (24) to prepare a reaction to the determination of the Ministry of Health for medical prescription for vaccination of children.

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At the demonstration, the council says that it will not be necessary to present “any medical document recommending that they take the vaccine”. The organization’s position was published in the form of a letter to children.

“And that’s the message we want to give today, Christmas Eve: when we start vaccinating our children, let dads and moms know: you won’t need any document from a doctor recommending that they take the vaccine. Science will win. The brotherhood will win. Medicine will win and you will be protected”, says an excerpt of the document entitled “Christmas Letter from Conass to the children of Brazil”.

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This Friday, the president of Conass, Carlos Lula, who is also the Health Secretary of Maranhão, held talks with peers in the states to define the body’s manifestation.

“Unfortunately there are those who think it’s natural to lose your little ones’ lives to the coronavirus; But with Zé Gotinha we have already conquered polio, measles and more than 20 vaccine-preventable diseases. Therefore, instead of making it difficult, we try to facilitate the vaccination of all little Brazilians”, says another part of the document.

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, said this Thursday night (23) that the folder will authorize vaccination against Covid-19 for children from 5 to 11 years old, but with a medical prescription and an “informed consent form ”.

On December 16, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) authorized the use of Pfizer’s immunizing agent in children of this age group in Brazil.

“The document that goes on air recommends the Pfizer vaccine. Our recommendation is that it is not mandatory. This vaccine will be linked to a medical prescription, and the recommendation complies with Anvisa’s guidelines”, said Queiroga.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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