State of climate emergency demands firm stance, says president of Proam

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In an interview with CNN this Friday (12), the president of the Brazilian Institute for Environmental Protection (Proam), Carlos Bocuhy, said that “we are in a state of climate emergency.” Thus, for the specialist, stronger actions to combat climate change are needed.

“This state of climate emergency requires a very firm stance on the part of polluting countries, especially, in order to face these emissions,” said Bocuhy.

“There is no more time for you to put it to mild terms. You have to put the terms to be fulfilled according to the need for survival of the planet.”

The speech of the president of Proam comes after a more attenuated version of the draft of the COP26 agreement was published this Friday morning (12). Despite this, the text still maintains an unprecedented reference to fossil fuels.

Conflict between US and China

For the expert, China’s ascendancy as a global power, intensifying the conflict of position with the United States hinders the negotiations at the conference.

“That [o confronto] it generates a tightening of positions due to a political preponderance in the international scenario, which causes both nations, which are the most polluting, to fail to meet the strictest targets, even in order not to give up their Gross Domestic Producer (GDP).”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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