State of São Paulo has critical blood supply, says Fundação Pró-Sangue

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The stocks of Fundação Pró-Sangue, in Sao Paulo are in an alarming situation, operating at only 50% of their capacity.

Currently, the bloods O-, O+, A- and B- are in a state of emergency, guaranteeing hospital supply for less than a day. Type B+ is on alert, just enough for two or three days.

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According to the entity, which is linked to the Health Department of the Government of São Paulo, the situation is worrying and surgeries already scheduled can be canceled if stocks do not increase.

Since January, blood inflows have been lower than outflows, and Pró-Sangue is struggling to rebalance this flow. This creates a risk of shortages, compromising the treatment of hospitalized patients or those who regularly depend on transfusion.

How to give?

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To donate blood, it is enough to be in good health and fed, be between 16 and 69 years old (for minors, consult the Pró-Sangue website), weigh more than 50 kg and bring an original identity document with a recent photo, which allow identification of the candidate.

It is also recommended to avoid fatty foods in the 4 hours before the donation and, in the case of alcoholic beverages, 12 hours before. If the person has the flu or a cold, they should not donate temporarily. Even if you have recovered, you must wait a week to be able to donate again.

It is worth remembering that the coronavirus was included in the screening criteria and can bring some impediments to people who traveled abroad or had some contact with the disease (on the Pró-Sangue website it is possible to find out about the conditions for donation in relation to this infection).

Furthermore, other impediments may be identified during the screening interview, on the day of donation.

All this information is available on the website

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Source: CNN Brasil

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