Statement of support of Vassilis Kegeroglou to George Papandreou

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The secretary of K.O. expresses his support to George Papandreou for the leadership of KINAL. of the party, Vassilis Kegeroglou with a written statement.

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“All the candidates are good, with their advantages and disadvantages, but I support George A. Papandreou who I believe can lead with confidence to the best perspective for the Party, our society and our Homeland,” he said. others that “it is TIME OF RESPONSIBILITY for all of us”.

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The secretary of the KINAL Central Committee explains his decision as follows:

“Honors and guarantees the legacy of Fofi Gennimata for the Movement for Change with,




The dipole of polarization, division and inaction of ND and SYRIZA that harms the country and its citizens CAN be broken

CAN make the LINE again big and protagonist of the developments for GREECE AND THE GREEKS.

CAN give oxygen to our suffocating DEMOCRACY and launch a better tomorrow and a hopeful future

CAN make the New Change a reality with a national plan of great change and progressive reforms

CAN ensure Sustainable Development for all citizens and Green Transition with benefits for society and not a burden as is currently the case with energy

CAN another guarantee for the transparent utilization of the wealth-producing resources of our Homeland and the 90 billion that Greece will have at its disposal in the coming years, for the benefit of the national economy and the citizens

It can guarantee the rights of all instead of the interests of the few and the rulers ”

Mr. Kegeroglou also claims that the process of electing the president of the Movement for Change, the mobility of all six candidates, “but especially that of George Papandreou who, by accepting him, activates and mobilizes additional citizens who either supported the Party or were inactive. He is disappointed and bitter, he creates the conditions for the Democratic Party to become great again “and emphasizes:” Society and the Homeland need it “.



Source From: Capital

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