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Statistics plugins added to ChatGPT

Last week, OpenAI presented the new GPT-4 engine and Whisper API. Today they started implementing plugins for ChatGPT. This will allow the chatbot to interact with third-party APIs, tailoring its responses to specific scenarios configured by developers. So, it will expand the range of possible actions of the bot.

Let’s take an example. The company wants to set up a chatbot with which visitors can talk about cryptocurrencies. Before the latest update, the neural network could only discuss events and data that happened before 2021. Artificial intelligence could not receive information in real time and did not even know that 2022 had already arrived.

Thanks to plugins, GPT-4 will reduce the number of wrong answers. But its new possibilities do not end there.

With the help of the plugin, companies will be able to implement ChatGPT functionality into their existing code stack. There, the neural network will do anything from receiving real-time data (currency rates, latest news) to working with a specific knowledge base – for example, with internal documents of your company or your personal cloud.

Also, the chatbot will be able to perform actions on behalf of the user. For example, order food delivery or book a flight.

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