Stefano De Martino and his son Santiago, on the cover of Vanity Fair to talk about the new ways of being a father

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«My father knew that putting myself under a glass dome would not protect me from danger, and that prohibiting at the origin always leads to wanting to break prohibitions. He decided not to set myself limits so that my limits, and therefore my borders, could define them by myself. Now I, with my son, try to do the same ».

Are some of the words that Stefano De Martino – 31 years old, dancer and TV star – dedicates to his Santiago – 8 years old -, born from the previous relationship with Belén Rodríguez.

Immortalized in the warm light of a summer sunset from the Dutch photographer Paul Bellaart, are the protagonists of the exciting cover story published in the issue of Vanity Fair on newsstands from Wednesday 21 July. The theme is that of paternity and the ongoing cultural change around the meaning of being parents, as also told in the magazine by the investigation signed by Nina Verdelli.

The director explains in his editorial Simone Marchetti: «From heterosexual families to those of single parents to those of the same parents, the time has finally come to take a step forward compared to what we think we know about parenting. The father figure must finally be equated with the mother figure in terms of child management “. And this is the ideal drive that justifies the support of Vanity Fair to the political initiative carried out by the senators Pd Tommaso Nannicini and Valeria Fedeli in favor of paternity leave: “This is a legislation that aims to propose a paradigm shift to enhance the role of fathers in order to free working mothers from the cage of home / work reconciliation. Moving from a culture of motherhood to a culture of parenthood would help to make everyone freer and more mature ».

It’s a number full of stories and characters, the one offered to Vanity Fair readers this week. «I was born to be the first to do something, so that others can do the same», declares the great artist Marina Abramović: «I know of the difficulties and disparities that still today many artists have to endure at work. I tell them not to be frightened, to follow intuition and heart and not to give in to compromises ». Geneva Elkann talks to us about his new projects (“We have finished writing the screenplay based on a story set in Rome, very contemporary and choral. I’m still thinking about the cast, but in the meantime there is already a title. It will be called You I told you ») And its immediate present (« I believe that after a year like the one we experienced, summer blows in only one possible direction: regain possession of time »). In a great exclusive, Federico Marchetti tells instead of his decision to leave the Yoox Net-A-Porter group, 21 years after its foundation, focusing on his choice and on what Italy lacks to become truly great: as a forge of talents, as a territory of excellence, and as a country where the first empire of Italian luxury can be born. Finally, with regard to the great climatic upheavals taking place, the Arctic Angels, exponents of an international network for the protection of ice, explain to us why the most important of environmental battles must be fought by women and for women.

From environmental protection to the frontier of new rights, from the story of a changing society to the search for emerging figures in all fields. Vanity Fair Italia is a brand that proposes themes and contents that generate debate, comparison and attention. And it is the authenticity in the narration and the credibility of the contents offered that are the factors that explain a growing success, certified by the numbers relating to the copies sold on newsstands. In detail: the issue dedicated to the “Summer of Love”, released on 23 June with the dancer Giulia Stabile and the singer-songwriter Sangiovanni on the cover, recorded a + 31%; the special Pride Issue with the Måneskin + 15%; + 7.8% the previous issue released on newsstands on May 26, which had the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella as “guest of honor”. Vanity Fair Italia is the heart of an activist journalism that ignites a debate around ideas and values ​​in an understandable and contemporary key. The numbers testify this, as we have seen, but also the public awards.

On the gala evening of 16 July at the Ancient Theater of Taormina, in addition to the prizes awarded to stylists and personalities linked to the world of fashion, the director Simone Marchetti received the Tao Award Excellence for Journalism. A few days later, Monday 19th, it was the turn of the Diversity Media Awards, the awards that reward the characters and media contents that have distinguished themselves for an enhancing and inclusive representation of diversity in the areas of gender and gender identity, sexual and emotional orientation. , ethnicity, disability, age and generations. During a charity evening-event full of guests and performances staged at the Franco Parenti Theater in Milan, the ‘Best Magazine Press Article’ award went to People common by Silvia Nucini, dedicated to the normal lives of transgender and gender fluid, published by Vanity Fair in October last year.

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