Stefanos Michael: The Cypriot actor was present at the fatal wounding of the 27-year-old national guard commando

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A very unpleasant experience lived o Stefanos Michael participating in a shoot at Cyprus. THE actor done eyewitness of the fatal wounding of the 27-year-old commando of the National Guard, Panagiotis Gianniou.

The unfortunate soldier was hospitalized in a critical condition for the last few days at the Nicosia hospital and finally did not make it.

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The commando was seriously injured during a planned military exercise in the Lara area of ​​Paphos, the scenario of which included jumping from a helicopter.

According to his information the same time as the exercise, a video was being shot (there was approval for video recording) to show life in the National Guard, so together with the military there was also a film crew as well as the actor we loved from the series “Brusco”Stefanos Michael.

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As the report states, the actor and the film crew were transported from Paphos to Lara by the National Guard helicopter to take some shots inside the helicopter, as provided for in the script.

At the time of the accident, Stefanos Michael was on land, the report of the website continues.

It was preceded by filming of military personnel descending from the helicopter to land by rope, as well as footage of a ship in the sea. At the time of the 27-year-old’s critical injury, the third segment/exercise for the video was being filmed.

The actor uploaded a touching one on his personal Instagram account farewell to the unlucky one soldier.

“To the devoted and devoted to the Motherland and the sacred duty of its daily armed defense, who leave in the line of duty, what else can we say but a BIG THANK YOU and a BIG BLESSING!

May the Almighty God send his comfort from above to his mother and father, the rest of his family, his friends and fellow commandos. May his memory be eternal.”

Source: News Beast

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