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“Step back” from Israel in dispute with Associated Press: It returned the equipment it had seized

Israel's Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi announced tonight that Israel is reversing its decision to suspend the Associated Press' live broadcast of images from Gaza, following pressure from Washington on the matter. “Since the Ministry of Defense wishes to look into the matter of the transmissions” from the city of Sderot, very close to the Gaza Strip, “and the risk to our forces, I have ordered that the operation be canceled and the equipment returned to the AP agency.” , until the Ministry of Defense decides, Shlomo Karhi points out according to a statement. Israeli authorities seized AP equipment earlier today, saying the US news agency broke the law by providing a live feed to the Al Jazeera television network – which is banned from broadcasting in Israel – according to the AP and Israel's communications ministry. White House: 'Obviously troubling' A White House spokesman said Washington was working directly with the […]
Source: News Beast

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