The chief executive officer of the digital company Credentia shared his opinion on what awaits cryptocurrency holders in the near future.

Stepan Gershuni believes that the pump is currently dominating the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins are experiencing rapid growth, companies are investing in blockchain strategies, and new participants are entering decentralized finance.

Further, we should expect an even greater increase in investment; startups will be able to attract additional funding without any problems. But then everything will collapse. Many assets will fall in price significantly, collections of non-fungible tokens will be sold at a huge loss, and most startups will close. And only after this will it be possible to engage in real digital products and innovations on the market:

“In the meantime, about 12 months of sodomy await you and me. Ready?”

Earlier, experts from the international investment bank JPMorgan reported that they expect the Bitcoin rate to fall to $42,000. The decrease in the value of the first cryptocurrency will occur after the halving of the first cryptocurrency.