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Stephanie Peregrin, Belinda’s cousin, assures that the singer’s parents “exploit her”

After the strong statements of Belinda’s uncles in which they assured that the singer’s father not only committed fraud against his family, but also prostituted his daughter by inciting her to date men of good economic position to obtain benefits, now Stephanie Peregrin, cousin of the also actress, appeared before the media to attack Belinda.

During an interview for the YouTube program gossip not like, Stephanie made strong statements against Belinda and her parents, as she assures that the singer has been exploited from a very young age and that because of that she became an interested person.

Stephanie Peregrin head on

She was a person who was exploited, they exploited her too young, in one way or another they have prostituted her in life, they have made her be with older men, I think she did not want to be, I think she is with them for the money […] Because his father is always there, let him bring money.

In addition to this, the young woman pointed out that Ignacio Peregrin, the interpreter’s father, lives off her and all the profits she generates from her work in music and acting.

Belinda with a picture of a girl

I am very sorry for this girl because I see that she is not going to stop working, she is not going to stop prostitution.

On the other hand, Stephanie shared that she has only seen Belinda once, but that one occasion was enough for her to realize that she is an “interested” person, as she mentions that the artist’s attitude towards her was very indifferent.

Belinda sitting in a dressing room

Let’s put it like this, in a nicer way: she was an interested girl. If you don’t have anything that interests this girl, she’s not going to pay any attention to you, and I didn’t have anything that interested her.

At the moment, neither the singer’s parents nor she herself have spoken before the strong revelations that her relatives have made. However, in recent days, in an interview for the program Wake up America, Belinda said that she is in a very comfortable and peaceful stage in her life, focused on her artistic career and sharing quality moments with her family and friends.

Source: Okchicas

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