Steve Wozniak believes in Bitcoin’s longevity

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak once again spoke positively about cryptocurrencies, stressing that he himself does not invest in bitcoin. With this statement, he spoke at the Latin American event Talent Land Digital 2021.

Wozniak, who in the past called Bitcoin “the only digital gold”, in his last speech described the cryptocurrency as a “technological miracle” and “a unique mathematical formula.” He also stressed that bitcoin is superior to gold, as mining digital coins is more predictable than searching for precious metal. In addition, the supply of gold to the market in the future may become unlimited, while the emission of bitcoin is determined at the protocol level.


“We keep looking for gold and one day we will start producing it in factories. Bitcoin is the most outstanding mathematical wonder. I don’t invest in bitcoin, but I believe in its longevity, ”Wozniak said.


In the past, the Apple co-founder said he held Bitcoin for experimental reasons “to figure out how to buy and sell with it, or to find restaurants that accept cryptocurrency.” He sold the BTC he had in January 2019, “when the rate took off”, because “he did not want to be one of those who have to follow and follow the numbers and constantly worry about it.”

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