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Steven Klein, photos of celebrities and top models up for auction: from Madonna to Naomi Campbell

It is the first time that these works have been offered in Asia and it is the first time ever that these works of his have been exhibited in Hong Kong. The auction, scheduled for June 14, featuring the works of Steven Kleinthe famous American photographer, is made up of 18 Polaroidsunique in its kind, taken between 1999 and 2015. They are shots that have captured the icons of the world of cinema, music and fashion: Madonna, Britney Spears, Prince, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schifferbut also Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and many others.

The photos were chosen directly by Steven Klein, taken from his boundless personal archive. The exclusive selection shows the use that distinguishes it: a story, a true narrative, where the intimate relationship between the photographer and the subjects is particularly focused. With his crazy creativity he managed to conquer the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, W, Number And Harper’s Bazaar. Worth remembering is the Hollywood Issue which he created for Vanity Fair in 2023 and the many advertising campaigns for designer brands such as Dior, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balmain.

The photos up for auction

Madonna – The masterpiece tour

«Madonna asked me to make the opening video of hers Confessions tour. We both share a love of horses. Madonna wanted to create a dynamic film that explored these equestrian motifs,” says Steven Klein. In addition to the video, the project also produced a 58-page photographic special published in W magazine.

Steven Klein, Madonna, Hollywood, CA, 19 March 2006, estimate €3,500-5,900, (Image courtesy of Phillips)

The other image of Madonna present in the auction was created by Klein in 2005, when he was asked to create the cover of the very successful album Confessions on a Dance Floor. This present is one of the variations of the article published in November 2005 in L’Uomo Vogue.

Steven Klein Madonna Los Angeles from Confessions on a Dance Floor 11 August 2005 estimate €59008300

Steven Klein, Madonna, Los Angeles from Confessions on a Dance Floor, 11 August 2005, estimate €5,900-8,300 (Image courtesy of Phillips)

Britney Spears – An unexpected shot
Steven Klein Britney Spears Los Angeles 14 July 2001 estimate €2,4003,500

Steven Klein, Britney Spears, Los Angeles, 14 July 2001, estimate €2,400-3,500 (Image courtesy of

It was 2001, when the indisputable princess of pop was about to release her third album, simply titled Britney. Klein had the merit of immortalizing the most hidden and profound side of Britney Spears in the photo shoot of the upcoming album. “I met Britney after photographing Justin Timberlake for the cover of her first album,” says Klein. The portrait presented here is singular because it is spontaneous, created without premeditation, almost by surprise.

Kate Moss – Unparalleled
Steven Klein Kate Moss New York 8 May 2003 estimate €5,9008,300

Steven Klein, Kate Moss, New York, 8 May 2003, estimate €5,900-8,300 (Image courtesy of Phillips)

«Adorable, the only and inimitable». This is how Klein defined the legendary supermodel Kate Moss. «Kate provided the template in the 90s for the new generation of models, but she was so unique that no one could match her. She is always perfect in every single frame. She has a unique relationship with the camera, and if a camera was capable of love, you could say that the camera fell in love with her from day one,” says the photographer. The photo portraying her on a chair was taken for the Superstar issue released in September 2003 on W.

Naomi Campbell – Challenge won
Steven Klein Naomi Campbell New York City February 24, 2004 estimate €47007100

Steven Klein, Naomi Campbell, New York City, February 24, 2004, estimate €4,700-7,100, (Image courtesy of Phillips)

«This shoot for W was a departure for Naomi. We didn’t treat her like a model, but like an actress playing a role.” A test that Naomi Campbell was able to overcome, emerging once again as the winner.

Claudia Schiffer – Cinematographic
Steven Klein Claudia Schiffer Montclair New Jersey 10 December 1999 estimate €3,5005,900

Steven Klein, Claudia Schiffer, Montclair, New Jersey, 10 December 1999, estimate €3,500-5,900 (Image
courtesy of Phillips)

The photography was done for an issue of Harper’s Bazaar released in 2000, when at the time Claudia Schiffer was like “a movie star”: exact words of Steven Klein, which we fully agree with.

Brad Pitt – A heroic pose
Steven Klein Brad Pitt Los Angeles March 27, 2004 estimate €47007100

Steven Klein, Brad Pitt, Los Angeles, 27 March 2004, estimate €4,700-7,100 (Image courtesy of Phillips)

How can we forget Brad Pitt and his incredible exploits in the film Troy? Neither L’Uomo Vogue of May/June 2004, Klein with the report The New Herowanted to celebrate him by exploring him as an actor and as a conceptual artist.

Angelina Jolie – Gorgeous
Steven Klein Angelina Jolie Palm Springs from Case Study 13 March 25, 2005 estimate €2,4003,500

Steven Klein, Angelina Jolie, Palm Springs from Case Study #13, 25 March 2005, estimate €2,400-3,500
(Image courtesy of Phillips)

Looking at the hairstyle, the pose, and a bit of the make-up, she could be mistaken for the great singer Amy Winehouse; instead, it is the actress Angelina Jolie photographed in splendid black and white in 2005 in California.

HERE to see all the works at auction.

Source: Vanity Fair

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