Sting returns to singing Russians, 36 years later, for Ukraine: “Stop the war”

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S.ting had written Russians during the cold war, in 1985in a world still scared of the atomic bomb. Thirty-six years later the world is facing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And the British singer wanted to sing again, on Instagram, that song which unfortunately, as he himself points out become relevant again. With verses as valid today as “We share the same biology, regardless of ideology” (“We share the same biology, in spite of ideology”) or “I hope the Russians love their children too” love their children “).

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“I rarely sang this song in the many years it was written because I didn’t think it would be relevant again,” Sting wrote alongside the video in which he plays the song. “But in light of the decision bloody and sadly wrong of a man to invade a peaceful and non-threatening neighbor, this song is, again, a call to our common humanity. For the brave Ukrainians who fight against this brutal tyranny and also for the many Russians protesting against this outrage, despite the risk of arrest and incarceration. We, all of us, love our children. Stop the war ».

The artist then calls for humanitarian efforts to support the civilian population in Ukraine, sending basic necessities through a warehouse in Poland for which he provided address and details.

Source: Vanity Fair

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