STJ extends for one year the removal of four judges accused of corruption

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Unanimously, the Special Court of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) decided to extend the removal from office, for a period of one year, of four judges of the Regional Labor Court of the 1st Region (TRT1).

In February 2022, the collegiate received a complaint from the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) against the judges. According to the investigations, the judges would have received undue advantages to include companies in the Special Execution Plan of the Labor Court.

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The MPF’s complaint included other investigated.

Upon receipt of the complaint, the Special Court maintained the precautionary measures prohibiting access to TRT1 facilities and the use of services made available to the accused due to their public office. The precautionary removal from the exercise of functions was also determined, for one year.

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In December last year, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) revoked the ban on entering TRT1 and using the services.

Considering the proximity of the end of the precautionary removal period and the permanence of the reasons that supported this measure, the rapporteur, Minister Nancy Andrighi proposed its extension for another year.

The minister stated that the process is proceeding regularly and that the instruction phase is nearing the end, and it is not recommended, at this point, to allow the accused to resume their positions, from which they were removed during the investigation.

“The accused are being prosecuted for the alleged commission of crimes against the public administration, money laundering and criminal organization, criminal offenses committed, in theory, in the exercise of public office, which is why any return to judicial functions at this time could cause embarrassing the good progress of the procedure and hindering the evidentiary instruction to take place in an impartial way, without external interference”, explained the rapporteur.

Source: CNN Brasil

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