STJ minister denies habeas corpus that asked for authorization for abortion of conjoined twins

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Minister Jorge Mussi, of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), denied a request by a woman so that she could interrupt the pregnancy of conjoined twins. The minister claimed that it was not a case of anencephaly. The case can reach the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

The authorization request had been denied by the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul (TJRS). In the process, the Public Defender’s Office claims that the pregnant woman would be at risk of dying if the pregnancy is maintained because the fetuses have several malformations and have no real chance of extrauterine life.

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To the STJ, the defense argued that, although the condition of conjoined twins does not, by itself, authorize the termination of pregnancy, the hypothesis is similar to the cases of fetuses with anencephaly, whose abortion was allowed by the Federal Supreme Court.

For the rapporteur, there was no examination of previous instances in the case, which prevents the analysis of the request by the STJ. The minister stated that “it appears that the petitioner protests against a monocratic decision handed down by a member of the state court”, but the minister emphasizes that the appeal should not be presented to the higher court before consideration by the competent collegiate.

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THE CNN Brasil contacted the Public Defender’s Office of the State of Rio Grande do Sul and is awaiting a manifestation.

Source: CNN Brasil

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