Stock market: Rise without big risk

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With gains, but also with enough caution, the Athens Stock Exchange started in December, confirming its stay above 870 points but not the determination to cross the first step of the resistance to improve the technical image.

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In particular, the General Index closed with gains of 1.10% at 877.24 points, while today it moved between 869.48 points (+ 0.20%) and 878.36 points (+ 1.23%). The turnover amounted to 62.3 million euros and the volume to 26.9 million units, while 4.3 million units were traded through pre-agreed transactions.

Stock market: Rise without big risk

The index of high capitalization closed with an increase of 1.11%, at 2,100.82 points, while at + 1.57% Mid Cap completed the transactions at 1,515.98 points. The banking index closed with gains of 1.70% at 563.57 points.

Without the pressures of closing the positions of foreigners, the ATHEX today managed to create a positive climate by regaining the levels of 870 points, although its first contact with the resistance of 878 points was not successful, even if the FTSE 25 has penetrated in the first phase the 2,085 units, which if kept will stop the offensive trend. Clearly, the risk-taking moods, at a time when the image of the pandemic in the country is not encouraging, are still low, while the market will be judged at the closing of the Greek positions.

With the current data, therefore, the break-up of the resistance seems to be still difficult, as the course of the pandemic still seems fluid and the government itself is exhausting the quiver to limit the pandemic in the community, adopting the measure of extending the mandatory vaccination to the critical age category 60 and over.

Another 21 meetings until the end of 2021

The question that now prevails in the market, as transferred to, is whether the domestic portfolios will gradually disengage from the market by the end of the year until the risk of a pandemic is reduced again. Expectations for a christmas rally / year – end rally have been significantly minimized, a scenario that if confirmed in practice in 2021 will have been marred by nine months of accumulation.

So any expectations are conveyed for the new year, when the estimates for the course of the pandemic are better. There will also be a better picture of financial performance, the tourist season and fiscal discipline. If the positive scenario is confirmed, it is not excluded that Greece will achieve the investment level, attracting more foreign capital.

On the dashboard

On the board now, Ellaktoras jumped 3.45%, with Jumbo, PPA, ELHA, National and Hellenic Petroleum following with gains of more than 2%. The rise in Viohalko, Mytilineo, Alpha Bank, Saranti, Piraeus, Coca Cola, Eurobank and OTE exceeded 1%.

Lambda, GEK Terna, Titan, Motor Oil and PPC closed slightly higher, while on the other hand, OPAP and IPTO were slightly lower. Terna Energy lost 1.19%, with EYDAP, Aegean and HELEX closing with losses of more than 2%.


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