Stop the age limits: the race for the mass vaccine has started

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Everyone, from today, can book their vaccine dose, too without being included in a priority list. There are no age limits or priorities for comorbidities. This week, another 2.5 million doses arrive in Italy, in addition to the 3.5 million Pfitzer already in distribution. So far, the vaccines distributed to the regions, according to data from the government website, are about 40 million. The doses administered are about 35 million, equal to almost 89% of the total of those delivered. More than 12 million people, almost 23% of the population has completed the vaccination cycle, while about 11 million Italians received the first dose.

However, the rules for distribution and administration, from region to region, are not yet uniform. In Lazio, yesterday, there was the first day of «open week over 18 AstraZeneca», For adults: the available places have been sold out, but the initiative is repeated on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June. In Sardinia, from Friday 4 June, citizens aged 16 to 39 will also be vaccinated: they will be able to book their dose starting at 12, through the Poste Italiane platform. In Sicily, vaccinations for people between 16 and 39 years start today: in addition to the Pfitzer and Moderna vaccines, they will be also used, on a voluntary basis, Vaxzevria and Janssen.

WHO approves Chinese Sinovac vaccine
The Chinese Biotech Sinovac vaccine (the second Chinese-made vaccine approved after Sinopharm), meanwhile, obtained emergency approval from the World Health Organization, which deemed it «Safe, effective» and complies with international standards also in the production process. The independent committee of vaccination experts that provides opinions to the WHO says that the vaccine is useful for emergency relief and can be administered in two doses spaced four weeks apart for people aged 18 and over.

As the WHO states, Sinovac is only 51% effective in preventing contagion, but 100% in preventing severe symptoms and hospitalization, according to the data of the trial (which, however, is still incomplete as regards the incidence of coverage in people aged 60 and over). Sinovac is also easy to store, and therefore also very suitable for use in less rich states: it is already used in 22 countries, including Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Thailand and Tunisia.

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