‘Stranger Things’ will have a spin-off that will focus on new characters

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The euphoria that has unleashed the volume 2 of the fourth season of stranger things It has only made the series even more popular and continues to make it one of the most successful on Netflix. Its fame has been so great that it has made those who did not dare to see it begin to enjoy the first chapters to find out why the fans are crazy about what will happen in the town of Hawkins.

The outcome of the last season of the series did nothing but unleash the desire of the fans to know what awaits Eleven, Mike, Dustin and all the other boys in the gang. The ending not only confirmed a fifth installment, but also broke the news that after the next season, there will be a spinoff which apparently will focus on new characters.

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Eleven character from Stranger Things

During an interview for the podcast Happy Sad Confusedthe brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of the series, spoke about the rumors that developed when announcing that they are developing a spinoff that will come out after the last season, ensuring that it will have nothing to do with Eleven or Steve or Dustin, as well as many fans have speculated.

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This is how they stated that the sequel after the fifth season will be completely different from the famous Netflix series and that it will focus on the story of characters completely different from those we already know.

Stranger Things scene with Nancy, Eddie, Steve and Robin

Hopefully we find the right person to pass the baton to while we do new things. We’re really excited about the idea that even Netflix doesn’t know what we’re planning for the spin-off.

– Matt and Ross Duffer

When asked about details that the fifth season will bring, the Duffer brothers commented that it will be a shorter and much faster installment than the previous one, since there was a period of almost two hours for the boys to get involved with the supernatural mystery.

Main characters of the series Stranger Things 4

We don’t wrap things up at the end of season four, so it’s going to be touching. I don’t know if the fifth installment will go 100 miles per hour at the start, but it will move pretty fast. The characters will already be in action. They’re going to have a goal and a boost already, and I think that will give them at least a couple of hours and make this last season feel really different.

– Matt Duffe

For now are all the details that are available regarding the continuity of the series, so we have to wait for more details of what will be the fifth and final season of stranger things and know a little more about what the mysterious spinoff.

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