Striscia la Notizia: Michelle Hunziker returns home (after proving what she is capable of)

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After seeing her for years behind the counter of Strip the Newsoften taking the defense of gags that perhaps deep down he did not fully share, such as that of the almond-shaped eyes shot all over the world thanks to Diet Prada’s Instagram account, in our hearts we hoped that Michelle Hunziker would sooner or later be destined for her big break. To Friends Celebrities failed to hit the mark due to her entry into a running program, while the recent experience of All Together Now it was a great gym to prepare her for that little gem of Michelle Impossiblea well-written, well-interpreted and well-staged one woman show that finally allowed Michelle Hunziker to show even the most skeptical of what she is made of, bringing out a solo talent that has often been overshadowed by the formula of conducting couple who, for better or for worse, made their fortune.

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Michelle Hunziker is a professional: we have known this since the days of Zelig Circus, when it was good and bad weather with Claudio Bisio in front of more than 9 million spectators a week and, even more, at the Sanremo Festival which he co-hosted twice – in 2007 and 2018 -, strengthening his credibility as an all-round artist, capable of conducting, singing and acting with the same ease. Now that she is 45 and deservedly had a show event from the Net that she always believed in her, Strip the News it is for Michelle a commitment that she covers with a smilepresenting it with that autopilot that comes when you know a program like the back of your hand, you know how to move and, above all, how to intervene.

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The conduction with his friend Gerry Scotti runs smoothly, as well as the twinkle in the eye of Michelle Hunziker who, after her prime time show, returns to a daily show after breaking up with Tomaso Trussardi, that the showgirl overcame talking about it right, without letting gossip engulf her work – something that she did well because she had the courage to face it head on, without escaping the interviews and questions from the press -. The result is a more serene and calm Michelle that the public could not wait to host once again in their homes, attentive and brilliant as she has always been. Even if behind a counter.

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