Stroboscope 5.3.2451

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More illuminated walk with phone at night. Or let your phone light up on 1-4-3 (I LOVE YOU)!

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Sound activation function to make the flash blink in time with the sound from outside (requires microphone permission).

Screen flash, single or synchronized with LED flashes, one or more colors.

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Use your camera’s flash as a variable flash strobe light or as a flashlight.

Enable/disable lock screen flash without unlocking the phone.

Trigger strobe lights at different frequencies from the launcher screen by creating app widgets.

The flashlight stays on until you turn it off and exit the app or turn off the screen.

Supports front flash, if available.

Can be used as a coarse strobe with limitations due to device hardware, or on devices that support quick on/off camera flash.

Source: Trash Box

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