Strong political aftershocks for the wiretapping case – Answers from K. Mitsotakis

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By Niki Zorba

Since Friday morning, when two resounding resignations in the Government caused a political earthquake, by G. Dimitriadis and P. Kontoleon, together with the news that EYP was monitoring PASOK leader Nikos Androulakis with a “legal connection” in which something went wrong (for “incorrect handling” Mr. Kontoleon was removed from the post of EYP Commander), the political temperature rises dangerously.

Intervention by Mitsotakis

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The government, through its sources, has been declaring for three days that what happened with the president of PASOK was not known to the Prime Minister, its non-negotiable intention is to leave no shadow in the case that needs serious handling and has responded positively from the first moment (in the afternoon of Friday) to Androulakis’ request for the establishment of an investigative committee and for the reconvening of the Institutions and Transparency Committee (asking the president of PASOK to attend).

Kyriakos Mitsotakis will present his message today regarding all these issues that have arisenwhich is expected based on the information so far after midday and after he has held meetings with his partners at Megaros Maximos.

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The Prime Minister is expected to clarify, among other things, that he was not aware of the case of the surveillance of the president of PASOK, about which he was informed last Thursday, resulting in the removal of Condoleons and the resignation of Grigoris Dimitriadis, and to describe institutional initiatives for the National Intelligence Service.

“The Government, from the first moment that the issue came to its attention, proceeded to immediately take drastic political initiatives, which included resignations. At the same time, it handles the issue with absolute institutional respect, within the framework of the law, so that every aspect is fully clarified while ensuring the public interest,” the Government Spokesperson said yesterday, in view of today’s statement by the Prime Minister, explaining at the same time that “the most important thing now is to complete the full investigation: to clarify the what, how and why. The Government she is committed to it. Because we don’t want there to be any shadow in the case.”

Questions and fierce attack Androulakis

The president of PASOK, who refused to contact the Minister of State, last Friday when the issue of his surveillance by the National Intelligence Service “broke out”, has put specific questions to the Prime Minister asking him to answer:

– Why was he under surveillance?

– Who owns and on whose behalf are they using the Predator spy “supership” in Greece at the expense of politicians and journalists to collect blackmail material?

At the same time, he has requested the reconvening of the Committee on Institutions and Transparency so that the relevant ministers, the former Governor of the EYP and the current Mr. Demiris can attend.

There are reports that the Committee is meeting even within the current week and in any case before the resumption of the work of the Parliament. Mr. Androulakis, however, reportedly does not intend to participate in person in the Commission. Harilaou Trikoupis is looking for the most institutionally ideal way to represent herself in the Committee and to receive the answers she is looking for.

Leaks, however, which brought the President of PASOK to be “legally monitored” by the EYP ( during the internal party race of KINAL) at the request of foreign countries, such as Armenia and Ukraine, re-ignited the climate between Harilaos Trikoupis and Maximos, especially after the denials from the Embassies of both countries, that their country never made a relevant request.

PASOK-Government relations reached a “boiling point” on Friday afternoon following statements made by the Director of the ND Press Office, Nikos Romanos, in which he invited the president of PASOK to speak himself about the “sensitive” data and the reasons for being under surveillance.

Mr. Androulakis attacked the government for “vulgar leaks”, unreal scenarios involving third countries that requested his monitoring, and for “New Democracy officials in close cooperation with far-right groups spreading slanders proving their political extortion”, naming him Director of the Press Office of the N.D.

N. Romanos went on the counterattack, talking about the deliberate distortion of his words and fake news, with PASOK’s Spokesman Dimitris Manzos posting on twitter his exact statements “non-alignment” and calling on the prime minister to remove him.

SYRIZA: Who else were they watching?

The resignation of the Prime Minister is demanded by SYRIZA, after the extraordinary meeting of the PG of the party under Alexis Tsipras, on Saturday morning.

However, the leader of the official opposition, referring to the Prime Minister, asked to say “Which other politicians and journalists were monitored by the regime he tried to set up”.

Obviously yes to the investigative Androulakis, says the party, which is not enough and a preliminary investigation is also required, after the elections. Moreover, Koumoundourou talks about “watergate Mitsotakis” and an unprecedented attempt at institutional diversion, while last night, the president of SYRIZA attacked the prime minister again on the occasion of N. Romanos

“The targeted “leaks” about Nikos Androulakis, which are seeing the light of day, after the official trigger given by the head of the press office of the ND, confirm our worst fears. That the perpetrators of the illegal surveillance are linked to practices mafia”, the president of SYRIZA wrote on twitter, calling the prime minister: “Mr. Mitsotakis would do well to close the drain valve, before he drowns in it himself”.

Source: Capital

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