Student accused of forcing man to have sex with her – ‘She was bigger and stronger’ than victim

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A student appeared in court accused that she forced a man she met online to do sex with her. Imogen Brooke, who was “much bigger and stronger” than her alleged victim, put the man down and wouldn’t take no for an answer, the court heard.

THE “very drunk” The 30-year-old is said to have started “riding” the man, who tried in vain to avoid her as whatever he said “went in one ear and out the other”. After 15 minutesgot down from him, turned and went straight to sleepleaving the battered man – who cannot be named for legal reasons – lying on the bed, the Court was told.

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Prosecutor Robert Bryan said: “She pulled him towards her and said “well, you may say no, but the f@@@ tells you yes“. He climbed over him and his take off the boxer briefs” he said.

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“She was on top of him and rode him resting on his shoulders. It didn’t end with him ejaculating, but when he lost his erection and she left him,” he said, adding “she felt turned on again and wanted to have sex. When he did what he did he said he just gave up as he didn’t want to listen to him.’

Brian told the court that the 30-year-old denied the charge as “he is conscious of its gravity”. He also doesn’t remember the incident happening.

The Judge added: “Consent appears in the charge as the ‘victim’ was adamant that he not only had sexual activity without his consent, but is adamant that he was upstairs during the act. “Brooke claims it couldn’t and didn’t happen. “With sexual placement at the forefront of your mind, if he has invented all this – why would a man make a claim who knows he’d be unlikely as the only position he knew they wouldn’t use?’ Mr Bryan described the complainant as “unpretentious” and “Naive” on sexual matters, before his interview with the police reached the Court. In it he said: “She was very drunk and said she was in a mood. She was turned on and wanted to [κάνει σεξ] and because I didn’t want her she kept pulling my hand. “She is much bigger and stronger than me and there was nothing I could do about it. “I can’t move her when she’s on top because she’s so much heavier than me. It’s about twice my body weight – so I couldn’t move. “I wanted it to end. I just gave up because he wasn’t going to listen to me.

“It felt like it went on for ages, but probably no more than 15 minutes. I felt it was a very long time – never ending. “I felt violated. I couldn’t believe it happened. The next day he did not remember what had happened. She noticed that I was distant with her, but she didn’t know why. It made me regret letting it happen that way,” he noted. The student denies the charge that she provoked a person into sexual activity without his consent.

The case continues.

Source: News Beast

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