Student found dead at IULM, the letter from the rector: “An inconvenience that should not be ignored”

Student found dead at IULM, the letter from the rector: “An inconvenience that should not be ignored”

“There are no words in the face of death. Especially in the face of the death of a 19-year-old girl, who has just entered university, which she makes such an extreme gesture with no return ». The rector of the Iulm University, Gianni Canovawrote an open letter to the students of the university, where the body of the student was found on Wednesday morning.

The girl was locked in the bathroom, with a scarf around her neck: the hypothesis was confirmed suicide. His death dates back to the previous evening: the parents had reported the disappearance of their daughter, who had not returned home.

«There is a mystery in a gesture like this, there is a wound, there is such a great pain, that they only ask to be listened to, with respect, in silence. Today, however, I feel the need to address all of you to make you feel my personal closeness and that of the entire University. Even if the girl’s gesture has complex and difficult to decipher motivations, her death has brought it out an inconvenience that cannot be ignored». And again: «We are aware of the difficult epochal moment. We know how the experience of the pandemic and the lockdown have made the fragility of an entire generation grow exponentially. We know that requests for help from our psychological counseling offices have more than doubled in recent months. We have faced them and we are facing them. We will continue to listen to the voice of anyone who manifests discomfort, even in places and at times other than the usual ones”. The rector adds: “We will do everything possible so that the love of life can once again be breathed in every corner of our campus”.

Who was the victim

The girl was born in 2003 in Milan, from a family of foreign origins, apparently South American. She was enrolled in first year of the Faculty of Arts and Tourism. The carabinieri found a letter in which he explained the reasons for her gesture: the girl apologizes, especially to the parents who paid for her studies, and refers to an exam she never took. The young woman speaks above all of personal matters to which the reasons for the suicide can be traced back, e he calls his life “a failure”.

«The model of excellence that kills»

“At 20 you can’t die apologizing for your failures,” commented the university group Cambiare Rotta. «A girl of our age took her own life inside her university. A extreme gesture that confirms how this model of excellence is a model that killshow this system is bankruptcy for students ».

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