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Student shoots three public school students in Sobral, Ceará

A 15 year old student shot in three students from a public school in Sobral, in the Ceará this Wednesday (5).

The firearm used was registered in the name of a CAC (collector, marksman and hunter), which, according to the state’s Secretariat of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS), allegedly belongs to a relative of the young man.

According to the Municipal Police of Sobral, the student confessed during testimony that he had premeditated the act after being a victim of bullying. The crime took place at Professor Carmosina Ferreira Gomes Full-Time High School, in the Sumaré neighborhood.

The three victims hit by the shots were taken to the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Sobral. According to the Ceará Education Department, the students’ families are being welcomed by the Regional Coordination team, which includes a social worker and a psychologist.

“Seduc, through the Regional Coordination for the Development of Education (Crede) 6, immediately took the necessary measures to help victims and activate police work”, informs a note from the folder.

The secretary also added that the school community is counting on the support of Psychology professionals from the Regional Coordination. “Seduc has constantly reinforced actions aimed at the safety of the school environment, both in physical and psychological terms”, she points out.

Also according to the folder, Secretary of Education, Eliana Estrela, went to Sobral to monitor the situation and provide the necessary support.

Santa Casa updated the health status of two of the three students. According to information from the institution, one of the teenagers was shot in the head and is intubated in an Intensive Care Unit of the institution, in serious condition, on suspicion of brain death. The neurosurgeon ruled out the surgical procedure, and other mandatory tests will be performed to confirm or not the suspected diagnosis.

The second patient was shot in the leg, underwent a surgical procedure and is in a stable condition, being followed up by the multidisciplinary team.

In his social networks, the former governor and senator elected by Ceará, Camilo Santana (PT), regretted the rush. “This case of violence involving four students in a school in Sobral is very sad. I ask God for the recovery of the injured young people, and a lot of strength to family and friends in this time of so much pain,” he wrote.

Source: CNN Brasil

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