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Students at Columbia pick up their diplomas in handcuffs and tear them up to protest Gaza

The swearing-in ceremony at Columbia University was episodic, where for weeks students have been protesting against Israel for the war in Gaza and expressing their solidarity with Palestine. University graduates, according to the New York Post, wore handcuffs, others held pro-Palestine placards and one graduate tore up her degree. One graduate held the Palestinian flag and a paper reading “Freedom in Palestine”. Another student, after receiving her diploma, tore it up in front of the audience. All this happened on Friday, while last week Columbia canceled the graduation ceremony, due to increased security fears, after the camp set up there ended in chaos. New York City police officers stormed the campus twice in April to remove protesters and evict students occupying the university's iconic Hamilton Hall building. More than 200 protesters were arrested and removed.
Source: News Beast

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