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Students from European schools meet refugee children from Ukraine, in a structure in Elefsina

Students from schools in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Spain, accompanied by nine teachers and an escort from GEL Koropi, were given a tour of Ukrainian hospitality structure Its refugees Elefsina, in the context of an educational event of the Erasmus program. As stated in his relevant announcement Ministry of Immigration, the children participated in a joint activity, following the initiative of the manager of the structure, Despina Baja, and the informal education section of the non-governmental organization Elix.

The 28 foreigners students and the 20s refugee children residing in the structure, participated in a game of lost treasure to get to know and interact with each other. Also, through games such as puzzles, basketball, painting with markers, crafts, balloon runs and hidden object searches, the “little explorers” made new friends and were filled with moments of joy and carefreeness.

The Deputy Minister of Immigration and Asylum, responsible for Integration, Sofia Vultepsipointed out that “one year after her invasion of Russia in Ukraineunfortunately the war continues and the young refugee children remain far from their homeland and their homes. For us it is important to stand by their side and offer them strength, hope and joy”.

Source: News Beast

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