Stunning New Photos and Audio Documents from NASA from Mars – Images Posted by Perseverance

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New stunning photos from Perseverance’s trip to Mars gave the NASA in public, along with the first sounds from the “red” planet.

The robot, which landed on the planet on February 18 after a daring descent, continues exploring the land of Mars.

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As NASA reports on twitter, Perseverance has already covered 70 meters, looking for the point of interest where the robotic helicopter that is moored under the “belly” of the rover will fly.

The first audio documents were also posted on Twitter, with one audio recording the sound of air and the second the sounds of lasers that help scientists understand the type of rocks on the planet’s surface:

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It is recalled that the new robotic rover traveled the first hesitant 6.5 meters on Mars on March 6.

At the same time, he took the first photos of the traces left by his wheels on the reddish sandy Martian soil.

The Perseverance, which landed on February 18 in the great Crater Jezero, once an ancient lake and river delta, is slightly faster than the previous US rover on Mars, the Curiosity, which is still in operation. The new rover is also able to cover longer distances in one day, around 200 meters, because it is better able to avoid various obstacles, such as large rocks and sand traps.

At the moment, NASA scientists are studying the available data for the surrounding area, in order to decide what will be the best route for the rover. Their final decision will probably be made after the small two-kilo Ingenuity robotic helicopter flies and observes the “neighborhood” of the rover (it will be the first time a drone will fly to another world). At the moment, the helicopter

Perseverance, which is scheduled to travel 15 kilometers within the next Martian year (corresponding to about two Earth years), is the most advanced mobile astrobiology laboratory sent to another planet or satellite to search for traces of microbial life, thanks to many scientific instruments, the robotic arm and its high resolution cameras.

See the new photos:

Photos: NASA / JPL-Caltech

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