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Stylish. Simple. Inexpensive. Realme Buds Q2s review

The new Realme Buds Q2s have become very stylish, thanks to the transparent case cover and unusual soft green color. This is the case when the base model, and not the flagship, first received a cool chip. After all, the rest of the novelty remained technically simple plugs with good ergonomics. They have neither active noise cancellation nor sensors responsible for pausing playback after removing the headphones.


  • Format: fully wireless headphones (TWS), earplugs.
  • Speakers: dynamic drivers, 10 mm.
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.2, SBC, AAC.
  • Control: touch panel in each headphone.
  • Battery life: 7 hours, 30 hours with charging case.
  • Headphone dimensions: 24.2 × 19.9 × 17.6 mm, 4.2 grams.
  • Case dimensions: 60.35 × 44.5 × 32.2 mm, 39 grams with earphones.
  • Features: AI ENC noise reduction for calls, IPX4 waterproof for earphones.

Design and ergonomics

The new model has retained the main features of the series: the streamlined shape of the case and earplugs without a single sharp line. The appearance is inspired by sea pebbles hewn by the sea. The look was refreshed with a transparent lid, behind which the plugs are easily visible. The solution is simple, but very effective, Realme Buds Q2s look cooler than many expensive models.

After unpacking, I had fears that the transparent cover would quickly rub off and be covered with small chips. In fact, everything is in perfect order, you don’t have to worry about a neat appearance. Although the matte pale green plastic at the base is still covered with small scratches, they are not very noticeable. The lid is equipped with a high-quality closer: if you get the hang of it, you can open it with one hand.

The shape of the headphones has changed little compared to the first generation of Realme Buds Q. These are miniature earplugs with silicone ear cushions that are screwed deep and securely into the ears. They are very light (4.2 grams) and will definitely not fall out – a great choice for petite girls who are uncomfortable with regular TWS. IPX4 waterproof protection is a good help for sports. The headphones are matte, touch panels are hidden behind small glossy inserts.

Connection and management

  • Bluetooth 5.2 with SBC and AAC codecs.
  • Proprietary app for Android and iOS.

Simple device – easy connection. The headphones connect instantly after opening the lid, and there is not even a button on the case to activate the pairing mode. After all, it activates on its own when you connect it for the first time, and henceforth, to connect to a new device, you will need to remove the plugs from the case and hold both touch panels for 5 seconds. The quality of the connection was impressive, Realme Buds Q2s keep the connection perfectly and do not stutter in difficult conditions. For example, if you move away from the smartphone to the next room and cover your ears with your palms, there will be no problems with playback. In addition to the basic SBC codec, there is support for AAC.

The base headphones are compatible with the Realme Link companion! In the application, you can see the charge of the earbuds (but not the case), select one of three sound modes, activate the game mode and configure the touch panels.

Realme Buds Q2s don’t have sensors that pause playback when the earbuds are removed. The only way to control music is to tap on the touchpads. By default, double-tap is responsible for pause, triple – switches to the next track. Additionally, in Realme Link, tap and subsequent hold can be assigned, for example, to turn on the previous song. Actions, by the way, are reassigned individually for the left and right headphones.

Sound and microphone

  • Dynamic emitters 10 mm.
  • Two microphones on each earpiece.

Speakers are decent by the standards of inexpensive headphones. The sound is focused just above the center: there are mids, the tops are well opened, and although there is a bottom, it cannot boast of detail. This is the description of the default preset “Clear”. If you turn on “Balance” in Realme Link, the extra highs will be cut off, the focus will be on the middle range. The Bass Boost+ mode reduces other ranges rather than adding bass.

As far as ambient noise is concerned, the Realme Buds Q2s fit snugly in the ears and provide almost a reference passive sound isolation by the standards of earplugs with silicone ear cushions. The lack of active noise cancellation is completely invisible, including on a noisy street, but is felt only in the subway. However, these are the words of a man spoiled by active noise reduction ANC.

For good isolation, you need to choose the right size of ear cushions.

There are two microphones on each earbud, AI-based noise reduction is claimed for calls. However, the Buds Q2s is not a good choice as a hands-free headset. The reason is in the format, for miniature plugs, the microphones are structurally removed from the mouth.


  • claimed operating time: up to 7 hours of continuous listening;
  • up to 30 hours of work, taking into account charging from the case;
  • case charging via USB-C.

Despite its diminutiveness, autonomy has not suffered. After all, 7 hours of continuous listening to music is an excellent result. The case isn’t bulky either, but it provides three full charges of the earbuds for a total of 30 hours of playback. Praise is worth USB-C for charging, a short cable is included.

Review after two weeks of use

The formula that combines style, simplicity and affordability is a win-win, and it is fully relevant for Realme Buds Q2s. For 2600 rubles – this is a good offer. I advise you to look for a soft green color, as beige or black headphones look less advantageous. I like the full customization of the touchpad and a fair amount of action. Among the shortcomings, I can note the lack of a presence sensor. Still, this is a basic feature that significantly improves convenience, and competitors do not neglect it.


  • cool idea with a transparent lid;
  • unusual pale green color;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • good sounding with three presets.


  • no automatic pause when plugs are removed.

Points of contention:

  • no active noise cancellation.

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