Subject murdered his wife and mother-in-law while they denounced him for abuse at the Public Ministry in Jalisco

Subject murdered his wife and mother-in-law while they denounced him for abuse at the Public Ministry in Jalisco

Although many will believe that the Public Ministry, the place where citizens go and file a complaint about an abuse they have suffered, is a place where they can feel safe, since it is a place full of police officers who are in charge of protecting the victims and witnesses of a crime, this situation shows us that this is not always the case.

On January 31, Liliana Tinoco Tovar, 21, plucked up her courage and, after several years of suffering violence from her husband and the father of her two children, accompanied by her mother Alondra, went to the state Public Ministry in Poncitlán, Jalisco, to file a complaint for domestic violence against her husband Christofer Gerardo.

Tired of suffering eight long years of domestic violence, since Liliana had lived with that man since she was 13 years old, during which time she endured a beating, threats and even having been deprived of her freedom, the woman decided to denounce him and put an end to her abuse. However, she was unable to conclude her lawsuit, as the assailant followed her to her place and shot her and her mother.

Despite the fact that, according to local media, Liliana no longer lived with her husband, neither her mother nor she realized that when they went to file the complaint for domestic violence, Cristofer Gerardo was following them, so he entered the Public Ministry and after threatening the staff, he began to shoot his wife and mother-in-law.

Liliana died in the Public Ministry, while her mother was taken seriously injured to the hospital in Ocotlán, Jalisco, where she died hours later. After shooting them, the man fled the place, leaving his vehicle abandoned in the vicinity of the place.

Given the facts, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office immediately organized an operation to capture the alleged femicide and make them pay for the murder of these two women, in addition to the 20 homicides against women that have occurred throughout the month of January in the state. from Jalisco, Mexico.

In collaboration with the Nayarit Prosecutor’s Office, the Jalisco authorities found the whereabouts of the femicide of Liliana and Alondra, who was arrested in the Castilla subdivision, in the city of Tepic, Nayarit, where it is expected that in a few days he will be linked to the process and pay for the crime you committed.

For his part, the mayor of Poncitlán, Arturo Israel Ascencio, assured that the municipal government will offer permanent financial support to the two sons of the victim, who were left orphans after the murder of their mother and the arrest of their father.

Source: Okchicas