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Substack, what it is and how the platform that will change the way you shop works

Substack: what is this «new» social which we come across more and more often, used by content creator who deal with fashion (and many other topics) but also with journalists sector, you may be wondering.

A curiosity motivated by the fact that, less used here in Italy, it is instead increasingly widespread abroad. Some of tastemaker who have gathered a large following online, for example, are now very popular on this platform. It is the case of Leandra Medineauthor of The ManRepeller which, transformed into magazine, it then closed following the pandemic. L'influencers New Yorker didn't lose heart and created a new Substack space, The Cereal Aislewhich is among the most popular on the platform.

Also Becky Malinskyformer market editor of the prestigious Wall Street Journal, has a very successful Substack, 5 Things You Should Buywhere he provides readers with tips on shopping. This, in fact, is an in sector great growth on the site that former editor and stylist they seem to consider the space more suitable for making suggestions style to its subscribers.

What the home page of The Cereal Aisle written by Leandra Medine looks like.

Substack, what is it

Founded in 2017, the American company quickly transformed into tools favorite by writers and academics who wanted to explore some specific themes together with their readers, from cinema to the food until you get to politics. Then, with the pandemic, the authors left without work due to the closure of many news outlets used it as a resource to be able to continue doing their work and earn a living.

The platform, in fact, offers members a hybrid system which allows you to send newsletter which may include content of various kinds, from actual articles to podcasts. Not just emails: there's also one home page which resembles a real blog and allows you to surf Between post old and newer. More versatile than other similar tools, it also allows you to monetize your work thanks to paid subscriptions And affiliate links. Furthermore, it has no advertising or banners of any kind, a detail that guarantees more freedom for the writer and authenticity for the reader. Who doesn't intend to produce contentHowever, when registering, all you have to do is indicate yours areas of interest and the site will suggest the most suitable readings for each one.

Shopping Saturday: advice for May 11th

The jewel-sculptures of the artist Lynda Benglis for Loewe, the most famous bags by Benedetta Bruzziches on sale in support of female emancipation and the Friulian bags by Vibi Venezia in brocade fabric made in New York. These are just some of the shopping suggestions we offer you for this weekend


The future of shopping is right here

According to The Guardianlately Substack has seen an 80% increase in subscriptions in the sector itself fashion And beautyprobably due to the fact that others social media as TikTok And Instagram they now produce content that is very similar to each other, perceived as not very original and genuine due to the omnipresent sponsorships. If the web provides access to a sea of ​​information and has extended our purchasing range even to places very distant from us, on the other hand it inevitably ends up put the less experienced in difficulty and those who do not have time free enough to keep up with current trends.

That's why who provides targeted suggestions in this field, it is gathering a large following. In this sense the newsletter created by influencers and fashion journalists are the best resource for those looking for, for example, the perfect pair of jeans, and wants to ask for help from someone who is truly an expert in cuts, materials and trends. Thanks to the possibility of interacting with authors And other usersthen, the fashion expert and his community of followers are always ready to help with the choice suggestions smart.

The community also becomes a resource

Substack I like it creators because it provides him with the opportunity to deal more freely and creatively not only with the topics that interest him but also to delve deeper and share topics that go beyond clothes and accessories. THE readersinstead, they find curated information on here specific topics and they can also interact with others fashion lovers thanks to the function chat which allows, for example, to share information to find the best offer on an item or a less expensive alternative to it.

«After decades in which visual content has dominated the web, both in authors and in the public it is emerging an aversion in particular towards short content. Here because Substack is successful: it allows the content creator to diversify income and content while building a relationship of trust with its readers, centered on opinions And points of view more than simple images” explained a Vogue Business Sasha Mills, specialist in creative and digital culture at The Digi Fairy Agency, a British communications agency.

Spring-summer 2024 fashion trends: how we will dress, in 14 trends

Technically winter has just begun, but with the arrival of the new year we are already looking forward to Spring. And, above all, how we will dress. From burgundy to polka dots, from fringes to bermuda suits. Without forgetting the essential must have of the next few months, which will be small and white


Here are the Substacks to follow if you are passionate about fashion (and shopping)

Beyond The Cereal Aisle And Five Things You Should Buy, already mentioned previously, there are particularly followed and appreciated names among the names Magasin by Laura Reilly, former editor at the American edition of InStyle And So Many Thoughts written by journalist Elizabeth Olsen, an expert in the style of royals British so much so that he wrote a best-selling book about it, also cited by New York Times. The advice, however, is also to observe the profile Instagram Of influencers, stylist and personalities from the world of fashion whose wardrobe you appreciate to see if they have a link laurel Substack.

Once registered, you will be able to explore the section fashion of the site in search of what best meets your interests: at that point, just enter yours email to be a subscriber. If you are not immediately sure whether you want to sign up for a subscriptiondon't worry: you can initially access for free and then decide later to unlock all contents, for a variable fee. Is fashion your great passion? So take matters into your own hands, bring out the Carrie Bradshaw and get to work on the keyboard.

Source: Vanity Fair

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