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Succession, 10 curiosities about the acclaimed HBO series (waiting for the grand finale)

Get ready for an unprecedented battle; the Roy are ready to vie for the throne of Waystar Royco in Succession 4. The acclaimed Hbo series That debuts with the last season (in Italy from April 3 on Sky And streaming on Now TV), putting an end to the mighty dynastic saga of 13 Emmys and of 5 Golden Globes. In the 10 new episodes the family feud between the mega tycoon Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and her four children: Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan aka «Shiv» (Sarah Snook), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Connor (Alan Ruck). Which of them will be the worthy heir to the media empire?

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In the final act of the satirical drama conceived by Jesse Armstrong surprising returns await us. The most awaited is, certainly, that of Alexander Skarsgard as cynical tech mogul, Lukas Matsson. A «coup de théâtre» will also make you come back Cherry Jones as Nan Pierce, the director of PGM. Great hype, therefore, for the arrival of season 4 which will conclude the Roy epic between sex, money and King Lear. By the way, did you know that last name «Roy» has French origins and means «King»? Is that the patriarch played by Brian Cox would be had to die in season one (but they changed their mind along the way)? Here you are, others 10 crazy curiosities about Succession.

The Roy family is inspired by the Murdochs

Not only the dynasty of the 92-year-old media tycoon, to give life to the power dynamics of the Roy family Jesse Armstrong would also have been inspired by Redstone and garlic hearst.

The Waystar Royco is located in One World Trade Center

Waystar Royco’s offices were built on a soundstage, but some scenes were filmed inside the so-called Freedom Tower, primarily, for the view.

Logan Roy wasn’t supposed to be Scottish

As fans of the series will know, LoganRoy traces its roots to Dundee in Scotland: the same birthplace of actor Brian Cox. However, initially, the plan was to present the patriarch as a Canadian originally from Quebec.

Brian Cox hates self-concern

The Scottish actor has acted in just about everything from theater with King Lear to blockbuster movies like Brave heartbut says he doesn’t like looking at his past work: «It’s insanely depressing to say the least», he revealed to the BBC.

Logan Roy’s apartment

Logan’s New York apartment is located on Manhattan’s Billionaires’ Row but the facade seen in the show is from a residential building on Fifth Avenue. The marble floors, spiral staircases, and impeccable décor of the Roy family patriarch are, in fact, a stage set at Long Island City’s Silvercup Studios. The props come from a number of upscale antique stores in Connecticut.

Jeremy Strong didn’t want to play Kendall

His unreliable Kendall Roy, Logan’s spoiled and vengeful second son, earned him a Critics Choice Award, an Emmy and a Golden Globe. The American actor, however, would have preferred the reckless younger son Roman, played by Kieran Culkin.

Jeremy Strong’s «annoying» method acting

The New Yorker called him “one who doesn’t have the face destined for celebrity” even questioning him his controversial and “immersive” acting method which makes him unpopular with his colleagues on the set, especially the “patriarch” Brian Cox.

Kieran Culkin was supposed to play Cousin Greg

The actor had been sent the script of Greg, but after reading it, he discovered he felt closer to the cynical and unscrupulous Roman. Kieran is one of five brothers of Macaulay Culkin and supported him in the two films of Mom I missed the planeas the legendary cousin Fuller.

Sarah Snook and the role of Shiv

Charismatic, double agent and with natural instincts for leadership. To prepare for the role of the eldest daughter Siobhan, known as “Shiv”, the Australian actress listened to many podcasts on politics and finance.

The soundtrack by Nicholas Britell

Emmy winner for the evocative theme song, the American composer said he was inspired by the greats of classical music such as Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi.

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