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Sudan is living a 'hell' of violence on earth – Over 4 million at risk of famine

The people of Sudan are experiencing a “hell” of violence on earth with the risk of famine increasing every day as the unstable weather makes access to humanitarian aid more and more difficult, the UN said yesterday. “After more than a year of war, the people of Sudan are trapped in a hell of barbaric violence, famine is approaching, disease is approaching, fighting is approaching and there is no end in sight,” said Clementine Nqueta-Salami, coordinator of of the United Nations for humanitarian affairs in the African country during a press conference. “We have just six weeks before (…) food becomes more difficult to find and more expensive,” he warned, recalling that more than 4 million Sudanese are on the brink of starvation. “And this coincides with two other milestones: the start of the rainy season, when reaching populations in need will become even more difficult, and the end of the sowing season, which may fail if we cannot […]
Source: News Beast

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