Sudan: Seven dead in protest against military junta

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Seven protesters were killed today in Sudan, in one of the bloodiest mobilizations against the military junta, which has been going on since the end of October, after the coup of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

In defiance of the draconian security measures and the heavily armed soldiers, thousands of Sudanese took to the streets again shouting slogans such as “soldiers in the camps” and “power to politicians”. In Khartoum, many tried to approach the presidential palace. Doctors close to the movement said that in the capital the protesters received “real bullets” but also a rain of tear gas and flash bombs. According to these sources, seven protesters were shot dead.

In all, 71 protesters have been killed since the October 25 coup. The police for its part argue that a general stabbed and killed last Thursday by protesters.

In a country where the military and paramilitaries are accused of human rights abuses and the rape of about 10 protesters, taxes are now being levied on the worst, following a new decision by the generals. Earlier, the Defense Council announced the formation of a “special counter-terrorism force to deal with potential threats”.

Throughout the afternoon, riots continued: in Khartoum, near the presidential palace, but also in the suburbs: in Omdurman, protesters set fire to tires and set up roadblocks, while in northern Khartoum, thousands shouted “No to retreat” and “Army . Everywhere, security forces fired tear gas and tried to disperse the crowd with water.

“US Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa David Sutherfield and Deputy Secretary of State Molly Phi kicked off a tour of Saudi Arabia and Sudan today to resume dialogue in a country where protesters continue to shout no in the streets.” cooperation “with the army. At the same time, Washington announced that it is replacing its representative in Khartoum. The United States has not been represented at the ambassadorial level in Sudan since the 1990s.



Source From: Capital

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