Summer 2021: it looks like it’s going to be Crocs season, are you ready?

They seem to have always existed, but in reality in Europe Crocs they were only launched in 20o5. And in recent years, all of us have been able to observe their extraordinary fashion evolution. Yes, because these shoes have undergone a real change: born as “family” shoes, suitable for adults and children, within a decade they have managed to become a real fashion smash, making space on social media with likes.

crocs estate 2021
Crocs customized with Jibbitz

The iconic sabot in Croslite, in fact, with its bright colors and its decidedly unusual shape it immediately had a great success.

At times it has also been criticized for its particular silhouette, but in the end it has made many (famous and non-famous people) fall in love with its creative allure, also given by the ease of customization through the Jibbitz, décor micro-accessories to be inserted into the holes of the upper.

The micro accessories to customize the upper have conquered celebrities from all over the world

A few names of the celebrities who have let themselves be conquered by Crocs? Drew Barrymore, Zooey Deschanel, Priyanka Chopra for example, they were among the first to become the faces of the campaign Come As You Are, which already in 2017 anticipated the themes of inclusiveness and diversity.

But not only that, after Hollywood it was time to conquer the fashion system. The next step was to bring the sandals to the catwalk: an impossible feat? Definitely not, he succeeded Christopher Kane in the Spring / Summer 2017 fashion show thanks to crystals, gems and rhinestones. And, the following year he thought about it Balenciaga, which, among other things, has doubled the proposal also for next season. Have you already seen the version with stiletto heels of Spring-Summer 2022?

But let’s go back to this year: 2021 seems to be the year of the definitive consecration of Crocs in the Olympus of it-shoes.

How do we know this? We have collected more than one clue about it. From the images of Questlove, American producer and musician, who, on the night of the Oscars, showed up on the red carpet with a pair of golden Classic Clogs, up to the many social shots that see them as protagonists at the feet of Italian celebs such as Fedez, Chiara Ferragni, Sfera Ebbasta, Michelle Hunziker.

Last appearance in chronological order? Do you know i Little Big, the Russian band that became popular for their creative style? In their latest video, that of the cover of Everybody gods Backstreet Boys, you can recognize the customized clogs with i Jibbitz, very pop!

But what will be the protagonist models ofestate 2021?
I Classics, both sabot and sandals, obviously cannot be missing. In terms of forms, then, the Classic Hiker with a shaped sole and double band sandals. And what style to focus on? On the tie-dye hippie version and on the 90s revival with the series clogs Festival, decorated with beads.

The tie-dye model, perfect for summer

Discover many other models in the gallery above, which is your favorite?