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Summer Office Dress Code: How to Dress (and More importantly, How Not to)

«July, with all my love for you», the torrid heat, alaswill bring. And if the temptation to show off bikinis and sarongs is already sky-high, for those who will be forced to stand guard at the desk for a while longer, here comes the cyclical doubt: What do I wear to go to work and not have a collapse? Touché.

The devil wears Prada (2006).

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Although by now generally the dress code in the office is not peremptory and tight, any company policy requires that bit of modesty and composure that clashes so much with the summer season. On the one hand crop top and shorts are off limitsbut on the other hand the suit passepartout all in one piece makes us even short of air in our hair. Not to mention the factor air conditioners: dripping with sweat under the scorching 30 degrees on the way from home to work and in hibernation mode once there. A tragedy, in short. But in reality with a few simple tricks and avoiding equally sneaky disasters, choosing the outfit becomes much easier than expected. Implied: cooze always included.

The essential lightness of the outfit

Primarilyto survive it is essential to focus on fabrics lightbreathable and quality. Green light for pure cotton, percale, satin and sateen, to be alternated with delicate garments in fresh linen, hemp and ramie. And now that the folds have become our guilty pleasure, the creasing effect just by looking at it is nothing more than a plus. Synthetic weaves, responsible for stickiness, fainting, harsh odors, and much more, are being burned.

The midi life-saving

For those who like to hurry easily, opt for a midi dress, perhaps with sleeves balloon or in style boho as trends dictate, it’s a safe bet. Light, airy, practical, quick to wear in the morning rush and perfect when paired with a pair of exquisite slingback. But be careful not to fall into see-through sundresses and frilly beach caftans: the meeting is not at the camp. Beach volley.

Street style look.

Look street style.

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Like a silhouette

Another cornerstone of the look-one piece it is the elegant one-piece suit, better if wide-legged and worn with a large belt to mark the waist and gently shape the silhouetteLet’s be clear, never give up a touch of sensuality if it belongs to us, but the models strapless with completely bare shoulders and backs they will have to wait for the evening cocktail on the seafront.

Alek Week 2024.

Alek Wek, 2024.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Coordination teaches

Neat and a sign of professionalism, the suit is the emblem of the dress code in the office par excellence and in summer it can be blissfully reinterpreted and toned down. For example, by replacing the trousers with a pair of tailored Bermuda shorts to match décolletémoccasins or lace-ups. Of a completely different nature, but still very appropriate, also the cord set in pyjama style it gives a refined and decidedly anti-heat effect effortlesslychic at the right point.

Dries Van Noten Spring Summer 2024.

Dries Van Noten Spring-Summer 2024.

Street style look.

Street style look.

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Raw denim is

The protagonist of the season is raw denim in its nuance dark blue is perhaps the perfect one métissage Between casual and formal. To be worn in 70s maxi-skirts, palazzo jeans to the Katie Holmes or capri pants like the 50s divas and complete with a starched shirt, rather than a polo preppy of the moment.

Katie Holmes 2024.

Katie Holmes, 2024.


Street style look.

Look street style.

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Helmut Lang Spring Summer 2024.

Helmut Lang Spring-Summer 2024.

Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images

Goodbye blazer, hello vest

Even the pure linen blazer bothers us? No problem, to replace it allure body-classy for the summer here is the vest. Agile and calm, it is suitable for any game of layering either buttoned over a t-shirt or left open over a blouse. Now, it’s great to wear it as a top, but be careful: if a button comes off, it’s a pain.

Jessica Alba 2024.

Jessica Alba, 2024.

TheImageDirect.com / ipa-agency.net

Ines de Ramon 2024.

Ines de Ramon, 2024.

TheImageDirect.com / ipa-agency.net

No to shoulder pads, though…

Ban thin shoulder straps that immediately become lingerie in the office. But in order not to waste your fabulous wardrobe slip dress just add a short-sleeved t-shirt and the fear disappears. In addition to being a combo minimal chic always trendy to wear with a nice pair of strappy sandals (thin, obviously).

Charlotte Lindvig.

Charlotte Lindvig.

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Watch out for the slipper

And especially to the flip-flopwhich from the shore has now invaded the street style citizen. Far from personal tastes and questionable comfort, the rubber flip-flop represents a dogmatic public danger in the corridors of your office: unreliable and very horror. If you really can’t give up the slipper understate in summer, opt for leather models and texture blended with yours ensemble.

Street style look.

Look street style.

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

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