Summer weather is conducive to the emergence of different allergies, says allergist

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The allergist Clóvis Eduardo Santos Galvão explained, to CNN Radio in the Medical Correspondent, that summer favors the appearance of allergies.

According to him, “high temperatures interspersed with torrential rains undermine our immune system.”

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In this way, allergic rhinitis, eye irritation, conjunctivitis and skin allergies, which are the most frequent, are expected to occur.

“Sun exposure at this time can cause dermatitis, hives, and new contact dermatitis.”

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In addition to them, “other allergies that we see frequently are food allergies, since during the vacation period, as with trips to the coast, there are different foods.”

This causes rashes, skin irritations, which can be caused by the accumulation of sweat.

Mosquito bites are also frequent causes at this time of year.

“Allergies are unpredictable”, highlighted the specialist doctor.

For this reason, in general, he recommends healthy eating, hydration and, if you already have a diagnosis of allergies, that you follow up with a doctor.

“If you have any manifestation on your skin, avoid exposure to the sun and the use of products that you do not know the origin of”, he added.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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