«Summertime 2»: the return, between intrigues and twists

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In a year in which we got lost in the most unlikely binge watching due to the forced stop at home, to return to the adolescent tribulations, to the time when the problem was not opening the VAT number but understanding if the boy we liked made us believe it or not, it’s a breath of fresh air. After a first season released in the middle of the lockdown and able to make us savor the scent of the sea and the piadina with cooked and stracchino while we were desperate to find flour in supermarkets, Summertime returns to Netflix with eight new episodes and new intrigues to be passionate about. Summer (Coco Rebecca Edogamhe) and Ale (Ludovico Tersigni) said goodbye (no spoilers, we find out after the first 5 minutes), they try to look forward but, deep down, they both know that there will always be something to bind them. While he tries to resume his motorcycle career in Barcelona with a new love, Lola (Amparo Piñero Guirao), Summer stays in Cesenatico with Edo (Giovanni Maini), the best friend who, in the meantime, has become her boyfriend. Together they cherish the dream of moving to Paris and studying there, away from the coast and the stretched days that summer brings with it but, as is logical to expect from a teen-drama, it won’t be that easy.

While it is clear to everyone that the thread that binds the protagonist to Ale is not so easy to break, the second season of Summertime it focuses on the “dramas” of many other characters: from Dario (Andrea Lattanzi), Ale’s friend who, after losing his virginity, decides to make up for the time lost in a season, to Sofi (Amanda Campana), who tries to understand if the feeling she feels for her first real girl whether authentic or not. It must be said that not even adults are doing better: while Isabella (Thony) lets herself be persuaded to leave the beach to follow the dream of becoming a singer, Antony (Alberto Boubakar Malanchino), thinks well of recovering the years that kept away from his family by trying to help their daughters Summer and Blue (Alicia Ann Edogamhe) navigate their love problems (yes, even Blue, who will fall in love with an ecological kid who looks like the Bolognese version of Harry Potter on this tour ).

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The twists will not fail, and the guarantee of ending up with both shoes at the time when solving heart problems seemed the only thing that really mattered to us today makes us a great tenderness. What if Summertime, in this round, he decides to bet (also) on several new entries, including Jonas (Giovanni Anzaldo), Summer’s new head chef, and the great Marina Massironi in the role of Wanda, the new girlfriend of Loris (Giuseppe Giacobazzi), Edo’s father, the strong points of the series continue to be the bright colors, the summer scent that filters through the pixels of our TV and, of course, a soundtrack that, from Coma_Cose ad Aries (Last night is the song he wrote specifically for the series), from Fulminacci to old classics such as Desperate love e The sky in a room, launches us in Cesenatico without having to book a train ticket. For those shocked by the finale (which, for spoilers’ sake, we do not report), we can reassure you by telling you that Cattleya and Netflix have already renewed Summertime, which is directed by Francesco Lagi and Marta Savina, for a third season. Teen dramas are here to stay.

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