Sumo athlete injured in the fight and died after a month – Shocking video

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His 28-year-old athlete did not manage to emerge victorious in the battle with life sumo Hibikiryu, whose real name is Mitsuki Amano, after the accident he had during the race. After a month of hospitalization, the athlete gave up his last breath due to respiratory failure, as announced by the Japan Sumo Federation.

The video records the moment when Hibikiryu falls on the tatami with his head and remains motionless. In fact, several minutes passed before he was given medical assistance. He was taken to hospital with reports that he told rescuers in the ambulance that he could not feel his limbs. Since last Wednesday, however, his health condition has deteriorated.

Sumo fans paid tribute to the athlete on Twitter, with many raising critical comments about the delay in providing medical care. The Japanese federation has announced that it is starting discussions on managing such injuries.

Hibikiryu’s death comes a year after the death of Sumo athlete Shobushi, who died of a coronavirus.

Watch the video:

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