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Sunak: Extremists are deliberately undermining our country's democracy

THE Rishi Sunakstated that its multi-ethnic democracy Britain is being deliberately undermined by Islamists and far-right extremists, and has called for a tougher approach to policing protests given the rise in hate speech and crime.

“I fear that our great achievement in building the most successful multi-ethnic multi-religious democracy in the world is being deliberately undermined”Sunak said in a speech outside his Downing Street office, adding that “there is a shocking increase in extremist crime”.

Islamic movements and far-right groups protesting in Britain are “poison” for democracy, which is being “targeted”, the British prime minister has said. He stressed that “in recent weeks and recent months we have seen a shocking increase in extremist crime.”

During demonstrations held several times to protest Israel's military response to Hamas attacks on October 7, dozens of people were arrested for chanting anti-Semitic slogans, calling for support for a banned organization, or attacking members of the emergency services. aids.

“Islamists and far-right groups are spreading a poison. That poison is extremism”Sunak said.

He added that the protests, which regularly take place on Saturdays in London, “have degenerated into intimidation, threats and planned acts of violence. Today, our democracy itself is being targeted.”

British MPs this week received funding for new security equipment as some were threatened for expressing support for Israel in its war against Hamas. “MPs no longer feel safe at home. Parliamentary meetings that were planned long ago have been canceled for security reasons”he added.

Gaza has been bombarded by Israeli forces for months since the Palestinian militant group's deadly attack on southern Israel on October 7.

Sunak said people have a right to protest and demand the protection of civilian lives in Gaza, but they cannot use that reason to justify support for Hamas, a banned organization, and said he wants police to “no not just overseeing these demonstrations, but policing them.”

Source: News Beast

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