Sunburns: remedies to cure them and how to prevent them

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The sun illuminates the skin with a golden color that removes tiredness and imperfections, and also supports the body in vitamin D production, thus favoring the development of immunitary defense. For each positive effect, however, there is one side effect: aging caused by cellular oxidation, sunburn and the consequent risk of developing skin cancers.

This is why it is important to always protect yourself. If the solar represent our defense weapon acting from the outside, thehydration it is a natural defense of the body that works from within.


When the skin is exposed to sunlight, the inside of the tissues is activated melanin, which, by coloring the outermost layer of the skin, creates a natural shield against the rays in order to protect it. But for a more effective defense, the action of melanin is not enough. To facilitate this mechanism, it is crucial to resort to protective creams anti-scald and to a increased water intake to moisturize the skin by increasing the formation of protective barriers. Second Doctor Elisabetta Bernardi, Biologist specialist in Food Science and member of the Sanpellegrino Observatory: «Taking more fluids during the summer months is essential if you want to prevent tissue dehydration. In this way, the skin regenerates itself more easily, stimulating the body’s protection system against the sun’s rays ».

Hydration is also important for skin recovery: «The stratum corneum – ie the outermost, and therefore exposed, layer of the skin, which has the task of protecting it – gradually loses its ability to retain water inside the body. This leads to greater dryness and less elasticity of the skin due to dehydration of the tissues, which facilitates the sunburn. Again, hydration can be an ally in the burn healing process. A higher water intake helps to significantly reduce symptoms and promote faster healing, restoring the original elasticity and hydration levels ».


Foundation Airc is committed as always with an awareness campaign on the risks associated with sun exposure, the main risk factor for skin melanoma, the most aggressive among skin cancers, which in Italy is the third most frequent cancer under the age of 50. The Airc Ambassador Giulia Arena is the protagonist of a new episode of Health Pills with some simple rules for exposure to the sun without damaging the skin, especially in summer, when the risk increases due to the extension of the exposed surface, due to prolonged exposure times and more intense solar radiation.

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays favors short-term sunburn and in the long run the formation of wrinkles e keratosis. Proper prevention not only avoids sunburn but reduces the risk of melanoma. Just think that, as an article published in theInternational Journal of Cancer, 91 percent of all melanomas in the United States are linked to ultraviolet radiation.


Today even many cosmetics such as moisturizers, foundations, primers, BB creams and CC creams contain sunscreens: a sufficient plus in the city to protect themselves from environmental damage, but which it does not guarantee adequate protection against UVA and UVB as a recent article published in theInternational Journal of Women’s Dermatology and shared by Airc. So, be careful not to rely too much on makeup.

In gallery products to soothe the skin after sun exposure, restore hydration and stimulate renewal after a sunburn.

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