Sunken Us Navy Sea Hawk Lifted From Record Depth In Ocean – Video And Photos

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The US military lifted the sunken ship-based multipurpose helicopter Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk from a record depth in the Pacific Ocean. This was reported by the US Naval Systems Command.


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It happened on March 19 off the coast of Okinawa, Japan.

The Sea Hawk crashed and sank at a depth of 5814 meters last year while flying from the USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) amphibious command ship. The crew managed to escape the sinking MH-60S before it went under water; nobody died.

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The US Pacific Fleet attracted a search for the military diving company SUPSALV, which located and documented the wreckage using side-scan sonar and photographs. In the deep operation, a remotely controlled CURV 21 device was used.

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The raised MH-60S, the fuselage of which is well preserved, will be taken to the USA.

Click to enlarge the photo:

Photo: US Navy

Bild announced today that the German submarines are equipped with instruments and software from a company working for the Russian army.

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