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Sunny Luke’s father: She went to the festival to have fun and she was killed – She was in Greece three days before the massacre

The story of 22-year-old German-Israeli Sani Luke, who was kidnapped during the Hamas attack on the music festival in Reim and she was eventually found deadshocked the whole world. Video of the horror showed the girl shortly after the attackbeing in the back of a Hamas truck and being driven around half-naked with severe marks of abuse on her body.

As the president of Israel announced, Sunny was found beheaded. He himself spoke of horrific torture he suffered.

Her father spoke today on the ERT show “Syndeses” and K. Papachliminzo and Chr. Vidou, where he said: “My daughter went to the festival to have a good time and they killed her.” He also said that he came to know about Sunny through social media. “We were going on social media at first to find out if our daughter was alive,” he said.

“We knew it was there. We called her when we found out what was going on and she said she is fine. They got into a car and drove to Tel Aviv. On the way they were stopped by the terrorists and shot at her. All these images with her murder became known all over the world,” he emphasized.

“We saw that she’s on a truck, then we found out that they took her to the hospital and they’re taking care of her. We got information from the hospital and initially they told us that they are there. We saw in one video that she is alive but then in another video we saw her being shot in the head. Eventually we were informed by the coroners that he had been hit in the head and killed at the festivalhe added.

He revealed that Sani was in Greece three days before her murder while noting that nobody wants war and the whole planet wants to stop it.

Source: News Beast

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