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Sunny Luke’s father shocked by her death: I know where she is, she’s not lying in some tunnel under Gaza

It caused grief the news of the death of the German-Israeli Sunny Lukewho was at a rave party near the Gaza border when Hamas gunmen attacked with gunfire and grenades, killing an estimated 260 people during the October 7 attack.

Nissim, Luke’s father, told Channel 13 he was glad to receive the news because the alternative would have been worse. “I’m happy because this thing is over, because we know exactly what happened,” he said.

“I know where she is, she’s not lying in some tunnel under Gaza where every minute they’re being shot at and the whole earth is shaking and there’s dust and it’s impossible for her to breathe. We know she’s dead, we know she wasn’t suffering, we also know that a minute before the killers came she was dancing, happy with all her friends around her and having fun“, he emphasized, according to them Times of Israel.

Videos, which made the rounds around the world, showed a half-naked woman lying, seemingly unconscious, face down in the back of a truck in Gaza filled with armed men.

At the time it seemed likely that Luke was no longer alive, but the family held out hope.

Luke’s family members received a letter from the Israeli rescue agency ZAKA on Sunday evening saying that a bone from the base of her skull, without which a human cannot survive, had been recovered, genetically tested and identified that it belonged to Sunny.

Source: News Beast

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