Superfund: Promotes direct investment of 50 million euros by 2024

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The strategic plan of the Superfund (Hellenic Holdings and Property Company) in the light of Sustainable Development and the ESG criteria was presented today by the Group’s management in an informative meeting with journalists, entitled “SUPER VALUE for the economy, the environment and the citizens”.

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As the CEO of the Superfund Grigoris D. Demitriadis stressed: “Our mission is to create value and prosperity by achieving long-term returns, building trust with citizens, supporting the green transition to a sustainable economy. This mission also identifies the new our role “.

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The management of the Superfund announced direct investments of 50 million euros by 2024 in the Greek economy, through the exercise -for the first time- of its investment role in the country. It aims to improve the return on dividends to the Greek State by 60% in the three years 2022-2024 and to achieve an increase in the net asset value by 15% by 2024. At the same time, it seeks to streamline operating expenses and stabilize the profitability of the entire Group. at a rate of over 30%. Finally, it is estimated that the total contribution to the Public Investment Program will amount to 85 million euros.

Also, the management of the Superfund presented the three “mega” performance indicators for 2024 that are inextricably linked to the economy, the environment and the citizens. In particular, the goal is for the economy, to increase the net asset value by 15%, for the environment, to reduce carbon emissions by 15% and for citizens, to increase citizens’ confidence by 40% of its base prices 2021.

A recent survey was also presented, according to which the recognition index of the Superfund to the general public, from 36% in May 2021, has increased to 50% in June 2022.

The management of the Superfund referred to a number of important projects in preparation or in progress. These are:

a) the pilot program of registration and valuation of the value of 1,000 real estate of ETAD in cooperation with its management and with the relevant tender to start in 2022,

b) the restart of the Corinth Canal with upgrades in early July, and

c) the completion of the preparation of the tender for the airport of Kalamata with the aim of going on the air immediately and the gradual completion of the studies for the evaluation of the utilization for the 22 remaining airports.

He stressed the important work of the Superfund from 2021 until today, in collaboration with the management of the companies, such as the placement of the new management in the HRDH and the acceleration of its plan, the rapid maturation of strategic projects by the PPF, the achievement of agreement on the price of raw water for EYDAP, the completion of the concession contract of Thriasio, the start of development of the 22 + 1 regional airports of the country, the new most efficient way of compensation in order to reduce subsidies for Athens Transport, etc. . Also, 2021 was the year of preparation of the Strategic Plan 2022-2024 and renewal of the business plans of the companies in order to be in line with the new Strategic Plan.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Stefanos Giourelis, focused on digital transformation actions, presenting the development of smart infrastructure and synergies, while emphasizing the importance of the Group’s shield against cyber attacks.

Specifically for Sustainable Development, the Superfund has an important role to play in achieving the country’s sustainability goals. With a separate ESG & Sustainability action plan per company, it creates an ecosystem that contributes cumulatively to achieving the goals of the National Climate Law and the Paris Agreement. At the same time, in cooperation with its administrations, it sets ESG criteria in the utilization of public property, while aligning the investment plans of its subsidiaries with the green transition.

In particular, a carbonation index is being created and a specific transition plan is being launched, with the first pilot program in Athens Transport. There is also a nationwide study by IOBE on the social and environmental impact of the Superfund, which includes the impact on the national economy (GDP-economic impact, impact on employment and the environment). In the axis of sustainable development with a focus on people / customer, new services are created that simplify procedures and facilitate users, such as Chatbot in OASA, cooperation of Business Units of ETAD with retail companies and Online Ticketing service in the Corinth Canal.

In the axis of sustainability in relation to employees, a satisfaction survey is carried out for the whole ecosystem in collaboration with the company Great Place to Work, in order to identify the points of improvement of the corporate culture and the working environment.

The situation of diversity and inclusion of the Group is also captured.

The active international role of the Superfund, as a member of the One Planet for Sovereign Wealth Funds network, is of particular importance in this regard.

As Mr. Dimitriadis underlined, for the new role of the organization, the Superfund aims to benefit future generations through its current initiatives. “We are investing in the prosperity of Greece in the long run, creating value equally for the economy, the citizens and the environment.”

Finally, the new logo of the Superfund was presented, which marks the transformation of the Superfund, the evolution, and the goal of focusing on the development of public property, through a solid and modern design. Respectively, was adopted as the new URL of the Superfund.

Source: Capital

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