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Suri Cruise has chosen college, she will study in Pennsylvania

Time for changes and important decisions for Suri Cruise, 18 years old, only daughter of Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise. In the fall the girl will move to Pittsburgh to begin her studies at Carnegie Mellon University, among the best colleges in the United States (in 24th place out of 439 according to a recent survey that assessed its overall quality). Not New York, therefore, as some gossip had initially hypothesized, even if Pennsylvania is only just over 600 kilometers from home.

Suri Cruise has turned 18 and is increasingly distant from her father Tom Cruise
There wouldn’t even have been a phone call between her and the actor on the occasion of his last birthday. Suri, meanwhile, is preparing to go to college, which will probably be in New York, also so as not to get too far from her mother Katie Holmes

Suri herself revealed the choice in a video on TikTok together with her classmates from Avenues The World School in Manhattan. It was published on Commitment College Day, when colleges close enrollment and kids decide where to continue their studies. Suri and her classmates were photographed wearing the sweatshirts and t-shirts of their future schools. She put lots of funny smiles on everyone’s faces, ready for a new adventure. For Suri it will be the first time away from her mother Katie Holmes, with whom she has always lived in New York after the separation of her parents. Tom Cruise, on the other hand, hasn’t seen her daughter for years. According to various sources, it is the fault of Scientology, the sect of which he has been an adept and prominent member for some time.

“If he called her, she wouldn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t want to rely on him.” an insider had told al Daily Mail last April, on the eve of Suri’s eighteenth birthday. Unconfirmed rumors also assure that the girl is thinking of changing her surname and calling herself Suri Noelle (Noelle is her mother’s middle name, ed). Holmes, moreover, is the only parent Suri has had since 2012, the year of the two actors’ divorce. «I try to do my best and I am inspired by the education that my parents gave me and my brothers», the actress had revealed some time ago, “Whatever I do is for her.” Katie Holmes
she is “very proud of her, but she is also extremely overprotective”, the words of a source close to the family a few months ago. It seems that the actress would have liked to keep her daughter close, but growing up also means leaving home.

Source: Vanity Fair

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