Surprise proposal for the taxation of profits in electricity

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By Harry Floudopoulos

A different approach to the burning issue of the day for the electricity market, was made by the general manager of the electricity and gas sector of Mytilineos Dinos Benroubi. Specifically, speaking to the Athens Energy Dialogues, Mr. Benroubi stressed that companies in the electricity sector are not opposed to contributing to the effort to alleviate the disproportionate burden that has been caused to consumers by the energy crisis. However, on the occasion of the discussion about the famous taxation of the over-revenues of the electricity companies, Mr. Benroubi stressed that the issue cannot be approached as if something reprehensible has been done by the companies. Companies should not be treated as if they did something wrong.

He stressed that in Greece “a purely external economic issue has been politicized, very socially sensitive, which, however, has strong technical aspects” and warned that retroactive profit taxation is contrary to EU requirements, which does not include “skyrocketing profits” gas.

According to the Mytilineos executive, the companies could contribute a dividend from the conjuncturally high profits, as far as they are entitled, with equal treatment of those who will be taxed and in a dignified manner. How can this happen; It has happened in the past with the shipbuilding industry, said Mr. Benroubi, recalling the voluntary agreement for the taxation of dividends that had been agreed between the Hellenic Shipowners Association and the Greek government. It is recalled that from this agreement with the shipowners, according to estimates, more than 135 million euros per year entered the Greek economy.


Source: Capital

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