Susana Vieira is hospitalized with pulmonary complications due to Covid-19 sequels

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Actress Susana Vieira was hospitalized this Friday (5th) at CopaStar hospital, in Rio de Janeiro, for treatment of pulmonary complications caused by sequelae of Covid-19.

Vieira was allocated to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His clinical condition is evolving quite satisfactorily, according to the medical report.

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However, there is still no forecast for a rise.

View the full medical bulletin:

“Patient Susana Vieira is admitted to the intensive care unit of Hospital CopaStar for the treatment of pulmonary complications caused by the Covid-19 disease. The actress is evolving quite satisfactorily, however, she still does not have a high forecast.

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Roberto Zani – Assistant Physician
Davi Henrique Nigri – Assistant Pulmonologist
Bruno Celoria – Technical Director Hospital CopaStar.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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