Sustainable holidays: the greenest alpine destinations

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The theme of water in Bressanone is a serious matter. In the town at the foot of the Plose alone, it has been calculated that 4300 plastic bottles are consumed per day, corresponding to 321.5 kg of CO2. At least that was the case until yesterday, because by 2030 the whole area will be totally free from pet bottles. An ambitious goal, but natural if you think that in the mountains around Bressanone spring sources of pure water that can be drunk directly from the 48 fountains, of which 27 in the city center.

Here is how the Refill project was born: encourage the use of spring water by filling a bottle. Where is it? From the fountains reached by the ASM Bressanone Spa aqueduct, which have plates indicating drinking water. The company manages the water resource in the most sustainable way possible and, on the occasion of the water festival in March, it even opens its doors to visitors with informative tours.

The bottle is made of stainless steel from responsibly managed productions and bears the project logo Bressanone Refill. And on the maps of the Plose, hikers find an additional symbol: the drop that indicates the fountains in which to fill it with excellent water. A commitment that also involves Acquarena, the covered structure with swimming pools and water features managed by the aqueduct company. Or mountain huts like Plannspitz at an altitude of 2505m with a superb view of the Dolomites. And still trendy clubs like the new Börgers & Kings, the kiosk of the South Tyrolean rock group FREI.WILD, which offers only seasonal and local products in order to support local producers and mountain agriculture. The same volcanic leader Philipp Burger is a breeder and producer who loves to devote himself to his farm.

And speaking of earth-friendly crops, it is also worth stopping by the Schmiedthof herb farm, where the Frener family has been growing dozens of aromatic and medicinal plants for generations on the sunny slopes of the Plose at 1400 m. Hand-picked one by one, the flowers and leaves are then placed in the artisanal dryers to create high quality Herbal Plose herbal tea blends, scented pillows and aromatic salts.


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