Sustainable living: where to start for an eco-friendly lifestyle

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It is easy to say to live sustainable! But are we really friends of the Earth? Are we really eco-friendly?
Doing separate waste collection correctly and not leaving the tap open when brushing your teeth are gestures that should have become part of everyone’s daily life by now. But in our small way we can do more!

This does not mean that, from day to night, we can become impeccable green models! Quickly changing our lifestyle, changing every single aspect of one’s life in an eco-friendly perspective, is science fiction, very unrealistic.

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Sustainable living is not a goal but a path! So, why not start with small steps? We begin to set achievable goals and above all make conscious daily choices.

Practical example: a way to contribute to the health of the planet – and ours too! – is the choice of buy local products, at km 0 and above all, in the case of food, choose those of the season, to reduce the pollution associated with the transport and storage of products.

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Also remember to bring your reusable bags when you go shopping: the production and disposal of bags is a harmful operation for the environment. Yes, even if the bags are paper ones. Simple, isn’t it? Really within everyone’s reach!

Tip number two: always get informed. Understanding where a product comes from, how it was made, who is selling it, etc… It makes a difference!

It is easy for everyone to fall into the trap of fake ecology, products or actions that seem eco-responsible to us but then turn out to be even more harmful to the environment.. For example, what would you answer if you asked yourself which action makes you waste less water: washing a full load of dishes by hand or in the dishwasher? If your answer is that the dishwasher is always evil then go and immediately see our gallery to discover this and other curiosities about sustainability!

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